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Are You A Grouch?

SO listen, I know you feel that you your anger is justified. I know that you feel that because you've been hurt all your life that people OWE you.
But the truth is that nobody owes you shyte!
And letting go of that pity party in your head is going to position you into the dynamic woman you really want to be.
You have to understand that people are assuming, straight from the gate, that you are desperate and wounded. And your job in not only to heal from your wounds but to get as far away from the narrative as you possibly can.
I coach women who hold own to their wounds and their traumas like it's their identity.
They talk like they're crying..
The pace of their conversation is Melancholy and Salem..
They lack passion, excitement and purpose..
They are quite passive by conditioning really..
I often imagine what my personality would have grown into had I not been a social outcast. Would I have been the Lawyer that I had dreamt of being? Would I have been that classically trained ballerina I wanted to be when I was 10?
I don't know....
And I and good as any, have many reasons to be salty in this world. I was that girl you could kick around, the one who would be the alibi even if I had to take the rap for your crime. 
I was A FOOL
I admit that with a hint of glee actually..I have that glee because my denial of the truth left broke, homeless and  careless in my past..

Are you a GROUCH? 

Well, I'm going to humbly ask you to stop being one.. 




Your cynicism is not your friend.. It's a product of FEAR,

and it creates an inability to discern right from wrong...

You want to be as clear headed as possible, and in order to do that, you must avoid extremes as much as possible..
I'm talking about Anger or euphoria, for both can cloud your perception of reality... 
An Ugly Girl has to have her wits about her..
You cannot take anything for granted BECAUSE you have been wounded before.

This does not mean that you walk around here paranoid: This means that you walk around here PRESENT 

Save your anger to assist you in changing your character. It might take rage for you to get fed up enough to make a change... 

Life is a game of chess.

Train yourself to be more strategic in how you use your emotions..