"Be You Anyway" BootCamp

The "Be You Anyway"  BootCamp is designed to assist you in becoming a content woman..


To open up the part of you that doesn't bend to the will of anyone. And this is why there has been such a relentless effort to repress you.. 

For it is only within the confines of repression that you are easily controllable..

And it is because you have forgotten who you are that people can TELL YOU WHAT YOU ARE..

Listen, the one thing that is scarce is TIME..

Every day you are getting older, and your prospects are dwindling down a little more with each passing year..

You can try to piece things together yourself,

that's what certainly did, but doing it that way took me over 25 years to finally GET IT!

Sometimes you know, sometimes you don't. 

Sometimes you know but you are still not sure of what to do with what you know..

This is why you need a coach. 

What the Ugly Girl Philosophy is all about is finding your unique voice.


The foundation of this movement is truly about getting to know

who and what you really are so that you can communicate that to the world in an unapologetic way...

You don't fit  the mold..

So what are you suppose to do with your life? 

What people want you to do is accept mediocrity

and limited thinking so that they can use you no resistence from you.




What will coaching with me 

do for you?

*It will change your perspective about yourself and people around you.

*You will get an understanding of how you are being emotionally manipulated and how that

manipulation negatively impacts you on a spiritually, physically, mentally and financially!

*You will learn how to read people so that you are never lied to again.

*You will learn how to manipulate your own mind so that you can start to feel

deserving for what you want.

*You will learn what love truly is what it is not.

*You will learn the principles of  health and wellness so that you can present

self love in the best way possible.

*You will learn easy ways to eradicate depression and self doubt.

Having guidance from someone who has experienced the pitfalls,

the self loathe, the emotional abuse and lived to defeat it is the

 best choice you could make if your goal in to truly be empowered.

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