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Fix Your Heart Gets Broken

I know you think it's admirable to be a "good girl". Plenty of us got schooled on the value of being a selfless woman. 
And then your FIRST heart break 💚 came.



That happened because you had no experience and you believed everything the Naga said and DID NOT SAY! 

The SECOND heartbreak � is more intense because you are wounded now, and you are looking to heal and repair your heart AND your self esteem. 

You tell the second guy everything that the first guy did to you, and he promises that he would never do that to you.


So you in show of good faith, you become even more compliant with second one, all he has to do is make promises that he will "eventually" keep.


Soon though, you find out that you've been scammed again, but you hold on a little tighter cause the sex was a little better with him than the first boyfriend, and pillow talk got you thinking the muva suckka is your "YOUR BEST FRIEND". 


The THIRD heartbreak💜 comes along.

You are schooled to some extent about the game of love, for you realize that men lie and they can act like they care.

But at this point you are consulting with your peer group and they're dumb arses are telling you that men are scared to love and that you have make yourself look better or try new things in bed to hold his interest. 

You don't make any measurable progress with the advice they gave but you are still hopeful that this handsome man will sweep you off your feet. 

But you are hobbling now.

You gain some stress weight, you don't smile as much as you use too, and are so blasted confused cause he fucks the shyte out of you and seems to really enjoy having sex with you.

BUT that's all your relationship is based on.

The FOURTH heartbreak💔 comes along and it takes whatever's left in the last chamber of your heart. You really tried hard to keep it together.


You accepted him and his flawed personality, you forgave him for cheating and took him back, even contemplated the "sister-wife" thing cause you were told that women who don't are selfish and delusional.


You've relegated the game to just doing the best you can. 
But you've lost you mind, your self confidence,


your beauty and your dreams dealing with this one..
And he closed the final chamber of your heart.


No longer optimistic.


No longer a believer of things has created a crossroads for you to choose; you either become a WHORE at this point or a celibate.

Both represent a "DEATH".

It's a death of energy and vitality.

Both age you and make you more rigid.

Both are coping mechanisms to deal with a dysfunctional heart.


The Whore says: "If I don't expect love, I won't get hurt again". The Celibate woman says: "If I'm invisible, I won't get hurt".

After the fourth lover, most women are emotionally and physically no longer themselves.

You have to ask yourself this:

"Am I living as though I'm dead?"

"Am I just coping?

"Am I Just taking it one day at a time out of fear?

My Story

My entire life was devoted to trying to make people think I worthy. I made friends with people who weren't truly friends, I made love to lovers who didn't love me, I let my dreams and aspirations blow away in the wind. All because I thought that my life was not as important as everybody else...

~Salkis Re

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