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Be Unique!

One of the most important things to do in becoming an irresistibly dynamic woman is in having your own STYLE!!


Nothing says "I'm Insecure" more than copying other women.



When you are an Ugly Girl, mimicry of any kind screams ACCEPT ME PLEEEEESE!

That is not the message you want to send.

I know, I know, Its important for you to fit in,

to be perceived as classy and high up on the social ladder.




But a GODDESS does not compete with nor copy anyone else..


Your status will climb from the moment.

you embrace a style that is your own.

You want to be a walking conversation piece.

You want them to ask you:

"Where did you get that from?"



Quite frankly, average looking women

don't sell value when they copy women

who are doing what they're copying better than themselves!


Now that was a mouthful!


Rules for personal style:

1) You can wear anything as long as it fits.

2) You should feel comfortable wearing it!

3) It should tell a story about who you are!