How? and Why?

How? and Why?

Those are the two words you need to use when communicating with anyone..


You want them to talk about themselves and you want to come across as genuinely interested, but not only interested, you want to be FASCINATED with the people around you.

We Are Attracted to:




And as long as you can include a persons imagination in your communication, you will magnetize them towards you..

We want to be in our heads. Humans do not want the truth, because honesty requires an awareness of REALITY, and it terms of seduction and charm, it is not reality that seduces, it is how much you allow the other person to dream and escape reality that creates a winning edge..


People decide if they like you by deliberating within their own mind. learn how to communicate using your body.

How you look, how you smell, and how you sound attract the "SENSES"

And Your PERSONALITY is what attractive to the other person's MIND 

It is the mind that you want to capture.... because a persons mind, they become your willing slave...

Your personality is expressed through movement, through how you express yourself physically.


Ugly women are usually very tense and uptight and rigid..



You look like you are counting your steps as you walk instead of gliding across the floor. Your head is down and you feel ashamed to look at people in the eye.

Ugly women frown.

You don't smile, yet if you do, it's a half way, rapid, insincere smile...


Even in casual conversation, put a smile on your face. I cannot tell you how powerful and warming a smile is.

Learn to touch people.

Touch indicates that you are confident and open to other people. It makes you seem important and sensual and loving...

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