Be Demanding to Men!!

A red flag at the begining of a relationship with a man would be inconsistency.

I think that seeing consistency is the most important function in establishing trust and qualifying him to see if he's deserving of your loyalty or exclusivity.

Inconsistencies are a sign of low priority and disrespect.

Do not tolerate or reward Inconsistencies with your understanding.

Listen to me, just because you are Ugly or have some sort of physical flaw doesn't mean that you were born to settle for half-ass effort from anyone!

Your understanding won't win his/her respect.

You turning a blind eye communicates unintelligence and a lack of self awareness and self worth!

If he plans to meet you at a certain time and always shows up late, that should be seen as direct measure of complacency and disregard for you.

And I know that some of you won't see that as a big deal because you haven't developed your UGC eyes yet.

You probably still got fulking glaucoma and need lasik on your corneas!

When dealing with men, it really has very little to do with your compassion as it does with what you demand and how you finesse those demands.

Get Up!!

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador" ~Salkis Re

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