Beautiful Women Are Afraid

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

They sales-pitching UGC! I told you all this what pretty women do over and over and over again!

Everything that comes out of their mouths is a 'convince fest' or a 'mind fuck' to try to dissuade regular women from thinking that they've got a shot at happiness.

Didn't your piece of shyte girlfriend tell you that she was a better match for your MAN than you?

Didn't your own mother say that your sister was smarter than you or had a better chance at getting what she wanted because she was pretty?

Why in the phukkin hell is everybody so fixated on making us think small if we really aren't equipped to be anything other than the footstool, the drink-watcher, the baby-sister, the house keeper, the alibi and the scapegoat for mutha phukkers????

How is it that we are the ones that these nut jobs call on when they need help, but then turn around ans say that we are the stupid ones??

We helping these maggots solve problems, but we are unworthy?

I will say that we need to stop dismissing thewith about what's really happening in these so-called upscale relationships so that we realize that the only thing you are missing out on is emotional or physical abuse or BOTH!

Some of you are in New relationships right now, and my advice to you is to protect your identity at all costs.

Don't feel the need to merge souls with men. Don't think that you've got to be equally yoked because that's a delusion too.

The ones who claim to have men as best friends in their lives are declaring it everyday and it's like they are trying to convince themselves that they have that kind of closeness with their man!

Why the parade? Why the phukking broadcasting and the showing off of the ring, the house, the cars, the vacation if happiness is really what she's feeling?

Don't you see it's a campaign to make you envy them? Their self worth is contingent upon how much jealousy they can revv up in you.

Stop giving women your jealousy!

Stop posting pictures of women with these beautiful bodies to give off the illusion admiration when it's really you exposing your fixation like sucking on your got damn thumb!

Weird ass shyte!

Go to your Facebook feed and start looking deeply into your network of 'friends'.

Use Facebook to observe and collect data on the mentality of women and I bet my house that you will start to see how jacked up mentally ALL women are, including yourself.

But we cannot fix what we don't acknowledge is there to begin with.

That's our assignment: To expose ourselves in order to heal or get over ourselves!


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