Begging For Men To Want You!

Someone sent me this pic of a young black woman on Tic Tok ranting about black men wanting white women over them.. I am hearing that the is trending now.


Listen, I wish that our young women would stop doing this thing. It is only a public spectacle and entertainment for people to feel sorry for us and pity us WHICH IS NOT HELPFUL AT ALL...

No one will love a woman full of pity and trepidation. No one gets excited to be around a woman who is pessimistic and brow-beaten..

What happens when we do this is that we ALERT the predators to come, and when they do come, they creep in disguised as "Better Men" with their rhetoric of upliftment concealed around their sloth...

This type of shyte builds an stronger emotional reinforcement around the caste system we are placed in...

It verifies and justifies their reasons for treating us like shyte.

We are not DEFEATISTS..



I will Be Going Live On You Tube Today About this and we will discuss this further during our private club chat here at the UGC clubhouse tomorrow. Make sure you subscribe to the video vault in order to get access to the live chat..


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