Being Nice....

Being too accommodating is not the way to win friends nor influence people.

You don't want to have to beg people to give you things... Begging for sympathy or pity makes you feel like you've diminished in worth, and yet you do it out of desperation..

And you feel this way because you know you are placing yourself in a subordinate position when you are nice..

People respect what they earn, what they work for.. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and self worth..

If you are giving away your cookies and ice-cream, you are NOT creating a relationship built on self worth for yourself nor the person you are giving out free food, free money or free puwsy to...

Don't rob the man of feeling worthy by giving your compliance away for free..

Don't rob the woman of feeling secure and sense of status by allowing her to treat you like shyte!!

People DEPEND on women like us to define them, to heal them, to stroke their egos... But it doesn't have to be at the expense of your own dignity... You can be what people need without demolishing your worth and the fact is that people will desire you more when they cannot get anything they want.

Being Nice? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit Let it go!


~Salkis Re

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