Competing Doesn't Work for Women!

I have said this before and I will say it again, men either want you or they do not. Any grey areas are where lies and conjecture reside. Both men and women will play on your insecurities to create self doubt and an environment that allows them to take advantage of your (obvious) need to be picked!

What we do not do UGC, is display our desires to people who we are asking to desire us. What do I mean?

I mean that if I want someone to like me, I don't tell him or her that I want them to like me because it gives them the green light to make requests/demands in order for you to get their love, respect, affection and so on...

Competition is a man's game!


Because men do not care HOW they win. They can feel progressive and accomplished even if a woman is not totally emotionally there just as long as they have access to her body.

Approaching relationships with people that you need something from requires relaxation and being sparing with your feelings about them.

Competition between women is a display of desperation and insecurity which reads as LOW VALUE...

Don't let people play you out here into assuming that hip to waist ratio is the only way your value is quantified because nothing tanks the perception your worth FASTER than being overly suspicious and jealous of other women...

"The Ugly Girl's Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

P.S. Thanks to all my girls who showed up for our first Fireside Private Live Chat.

It was a deep chat yesterday, More to come as soon as we smooth out the back end glitches..

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