Dark Goddess Class This SUNDAY at 3.p.m. est

Well ladies, we have some sorting to do around what we really need to be in order to win this game called life.

To understand yourself, you first have to understand your prison. By that I mean, society and it's unavoidable caste systems and social pecking order for which we've all fell victim to..

Your problem isn't that you aren't good enough, your problem is that you are too good for your own good and lack the emotional power to stand firm on your convictions AND YOUR DESIRES..

You have been told by the world that compliance will win you a ticket to heaven, but what good is the promise of love in the afterlife when you can't experience some of that right here, right now..

Join us tomorrow on our Private IG page for a live group coaching this Sunday 3p.m. est time.

PLEASE NOTE: you MUSt be a subscriber to our Private Group Coaching page gain access to the Instagram page. To subscribe to the Private Coaching vault is $100. I will be closing member very soon to keep the numbers low and intimate so do not wait..

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