Fix What You Hate

The last blog post I did, touched on the principles of success and what we need to do to start actualizing goals and desires.

A pill is not an effective weight management strategy because it doesn't require a change in behavior that causes the weight gain in the first place.

Transformation is behavioral in nature. It comes from action and it is within action that we gain the courage to pursue the things we want.

To be in the spirit of expectation, you are required by the laws of nature to reciprocate, to "invest" to lose in order to gain. Nature negotiates with us. She takes and gives back as to balance and order in the world.

What are you actually "Doing" towards getting what you want?

You want a man?

Are you begging for him to come?

Do you know that begging is not reciprocal and it does not put you in the mindset of being entitled to that desire.

Getting up early to prepare yourself for meeting others, watching what you eat, burning gas to go trek to meetups, reading more to become a better conversationalist are sacrifices in time and resources to meet a goal.

And you'll feel more in alignment and closer to meeting that goal when you "Put some skin in the game".

Self improvement is about self respect and satisfaction with who you are.

Work on what you want to improve,work on what you don't want to do and you then you'll be stepping into goddess energy.


~Salkis Re

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