How Do You Control Men?

Isn't it funny how everyone seems to have the ability to think clearly and conscientiously when they don't have anything to lose or when they've already gained what they sought.

He Treats You Like An Experiment

But before the dik sucking and the money borrowing and the eating up your food and the driving your car and all the assistance they ask for and received, they fed you this bullshyte about how afraid they were of getting hurt and bunch of other fake vulnerability..

Your life became some man's experiment. He fuks you to 'see' if he can like you! He pokes you, twists you, shakes and pushes you around to see when you'll tap out, give up or give in.

All to say at the conclusion of his experiment that it was fun while it lasted.

  • Did getting his natal chart read save you from all these shenanigans?

  • Did waiting until the time was right help you bypass a predator.

  • Did your Soul-tie breaking ceremony of soaking your snatch in baking soda while holding an obsidian stone give your vagina the clarity to help you choose a better partner.

  • Did changing your style change the results you received from the higher caliber of men your pastel suit attracted?

  • Did the tummy tuck calm your fears of rejection, feeling inferior and unworthy?

  • Did the pay-raise raise your vibration away from attracting incapable men?

I bet it didn't.


Because you have to dig inside the graveyard of your own mind to find the secrets to self control, for self control is the foundation for controlling other people.

The Little Girl Within

And the little girl with you must be told the truth.

Stop keeping her ignorant.

When you school the little girl within you, you will allow yourself to grow emotionally and intellectually.

If you don't reach back for her, you'll have the mind of a 10 year girl forever! This is why you keep getting scammed by men.

This is why you can't judge character with confidence and precision.

This is why you are afraid to make a move.

You are trapped in a time warp, still back there getting bullied at the playground or touched by your piece of shyte Uncle!

Tell the little girl in you about what you've learned about people, about life, about love.. Tell her so that she no longer thinks that she's to blame for having fukked up people in her life!

You can heal her by presenting her with her future self that is YOU!!!

You made it out! You are alive! You have your mind!

Let no man succeed in dismissing your personal triumphs.. He is a GUEST in your life, nothing more!!

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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