Life Is Too Short To Be Afraid

Gone too soon and so much potential and unrealized goals, our King Chadwick Boseman is with the ancestors now..

When these men she you about getting older, they have no grasp of their own mortality. they act as if Father Time doesn't come tapping on their door. And we cannot allow aging to be an insult from men. They are mortals just like we are... And for that reason alone, WE MUST LIVE WHILE WE ARE ALIVE..

Chad's death hit me hard just like Kobe's death did. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, so you must live without fear , arrest your hesitation to try, to fail even. What is life about outside of experiences?

Make a pledge to yourself that you will do all you can to be all you've ever wanted to be RIGHT NOW!!

Mark for Calendars for our first official Meeting In The catacombs at our new private space on Instagram. If you haven't sent in your request to enter please message me on instagram with your email credentials to join @DivestFromBeauty

Pease do it today so that you are in and prepared for our meeting tomorrow at 6pm est

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