Negative Energy Into Positive Reinforcement

Howdy Ladies!

Happy New Year and all that jazz!

My hope is that you all are going to transmute your self doubt and apprehension into focus and positive thoughts this new year.

The Shyte Starters are out here getting paid to make you feel that it's smart to second guess your worth. They entertain while stabbing you in the back with glittery clouds of judgement and mantras of being a failure upon your very birth.

Why do we listen?

Because it's a way out of taking blame. If there's nothing you can do about your condition, then you don't have to blame yourself for the results you get.

Most of us are walking around with heavy hearts, poor diet, toxic entertainment and no goals to strive towards.

This is a recipe for depression ladies.

Idleness is the devil's playground and Laziness too.

Ask yourself if you are cosigner with the words of men who have given up on their dreams? Are you handicapping after wounded people? Are you pedestalizing those who condemn you?

Manifest Faster!

This is 2021! And I believe that manifestation of all types will quicken this year. I believe that your habits will lead to results at a faster rate than ever before.

So whatever you are thinking about on a daily basis, program your mind towards thinking about what you want.

I'm going to say something harsh but necessary here.

Who got bit in face, dumbed in a garbage can, shot, divorced or stabbed cannot be the focal point of your existence if you indent to manifest your goals.

Ask yourself if you are happy about what you feel and think.
Let's start by addressing the thoughts that are taking up residence in your mind.

If you have a negative thought that pops up in your head, immediately replace it with a thoughts that bring you joy. Get into the habit of not allowing negative energy to linger and fester inside your mind.


Because negative thoughts influence negative action, but more importantly is that negative thoughts turn into Negative Energy which weakens ALL of your internal organs and your immune system.

FOCUS on Feminine Healing Energy!

Last year is over!

Leave the past back there by cementing new habits and rituals for 2021.

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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