New Year's Day Message

Emmanuel Eboue, who once earned 8 million Euros in Turkey, has gone broke, after his ex-wife won custody of their kids and control of all his assets by exploiting his poor education.

He now sleeps on the floor of other people's houses and washes clothes and plates with his hands. He got married to her at the age of 20, and had career earnings of £20 million.

*Source: Mirror Football. ..................................

Gold Diggers (male or female) don't have a preference. You could, stupid, old, crazy, fat, white, black or green with loose skin and hygiene problems..

We ALL have to mindful of the intentions of people we let into our space, and we have to be even more vigilant about mitigating our own insecurities or shortcomings..

People will prey upon your need to be validated whether you are male or female. And I'm here to tell you for the 1000th time that "Status" is an illusion.

This day marks the beginning of a new year. And I want you to think about what you want vividly and explicitly.

If you want soft, or in the color green, our in a large size, or two of them during winter: I want you to be absolutely CLEAR on why you want.

Your "Why" should give you information as to whether it's good to have or not, or whether you really want it to begin with.

We cannot afford to be scammed by our own desires.

Are your desires "shame-based"? Are you trying to escape being you? You cannot run from yourself no matter how hard you try. This is the year to fix what is broken within you. To learn what need to know, and to focus on having all you need and want out of life.. Let's Run!!

Happy New Year! "The Ugly Girls Ambassador" ~Salkis Re

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