'Pretty" Girls Are Ugly Girls Too?????

"Salkis, I just want to say I really appreciate you. 

I've been watching your videos, your timeline, and all for years.

You have truly motivated me and over time since  this is no overnight process I've grown so much. 

Many wouldn't say I am not an ugly girl, but that's not the point. Its the mental not the physical. 

You have saved my body, my time,  and my mind from being used and abused or played with. I truly look in the mirror and feel beautiful now. 

Not even the physical but my inner being.

I've never felt more in control, but yet open, and ego is gone.

Im truly at peace because no matter what happens  or what people do, because im okay with me, I know I'm good. I can't thank you enough. 

You are truly a precious diamond!"

~Nubiant Mcrae

So when I tell you that there is no such thing as competition, some of you hesitate to believe me. You even challenge my statements by parroting comments and suggestions from men who enjoy demeaning you by making statements about your lack of "high value". But on the back end, I get to see how fragile we all are, how looks open doors but destroy lives as women are pimped out and exploited by the very men you are taking classes to learn how to impress.

When will you go hard in the paint for this? This is YOURS and the principles you are learning are being applied by ALL TYPES OF WOMEN... When will your level up start?

Get Your E-book right now to start your shift towards the REAL LEVEL UP!!!

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