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Sex Magic For Who?

We are going Live today for UGC Video Vault Members at 6p.m. est time today.

We are going deeeeeep into the principles of sex and why we get int soul ties as well as how or if we can even get out of them..

check you inbox for the invite and if you want me to send the link through cell phone text please text me at 478 501-7836 and you will receive the link.

You can also log into the website and view the stream from the video vault too.

Remember, you MUST be a Private Video Vault Member to receive an invite, so do not text me if you are not subscribed to the Video Vault


- Is it safe to put this yoni egg inside of me? - What's up with vaginal steaming and yoni pearls? - What does my sacral chakra have to do with Kegels? - How do aphrodisiacs and love potions work? - Best Practices for Sex: When to Have sex, When you should NEVER have sex. Things to do to see pthe vagina clean and fresh. Finally, what to do after you break up sexually with a man..

Tips for young women 25-35 on how to get, maintain, or restore themselves in our society.

GET YOUR UGLY GIRL'S SURVIVAL GUIDE: How To Overcome Stereotypes at a Complimentary price ONLY for UGC members HERE: E-BOOK HERE:

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