Stop Trying To Fix Yourself!

Updated: Jun 8

So, UGC, tragic stories like this one touches my heart.

I would like for us to not feel pressure to attain the

perfect body but I know that in this day and age that's asking for too much much.

Self improvement by whatever means you choose is definitely your right.

plastic surgery fails

All I am begging us to do is to think about the risk and if the risk is worth it.

Outside of medical conditions, I think the best route to improving the appearance of your body should be done through diet and exercise.

The quick fixes ALWAYS come at a price y'all!

I want UGC to adopt a practice of "Slow Living". By this I mean that you steer yourself away from instant gratification as much as possible and seek out and appreciate transformation at a normal pace.

I guess I'm talking about cooking your own stew and having to turn down the fire so your pot can simmer versus a microwave dinner.

Our health takes the hit first and bears the brunt of the blow from our impatience and obsession with perfection.

Loving yourself is a slow activity. It's about time under tension when you are lifting weights at the gym. It's about sitting in a rocking chair while holding your baby until she falls asleep.


It's about kissing your lover gently and inserting your tongue into his mouth at pace that shows him that you want time to stand still while you enjoy touch his flesh.

It's about taking a bite of food then putting the fork down while you chew and savor the flavors in your mouth.

Don't rush results. ALL healing comes from relaxation and this includes the healing of the mind.

Share your thoughts in the comments. Are you considering plastic surgery to enhance your looks? What are you doing to feel better about yourself?

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"The Ugly Girls Ambassador "

~Salkis Re

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