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The Illusion of Care

When I explain to you all that society is not much more than a theatrical performance, I don't think most of you believe this.

You are under some assumption that if you play by the rules, the elite will see your value and treat you as an equal.

When I tell you that it doesn't matter your education level nor how much money you make in terms of gaining respect and a fair shot, you don't believe me.

You all still believe that status will help you feel better about yourselves when in actuality, it's the emotional divestment from trying to measure up to others that will give you emotional relief.

You allow other black women and black men to dictate your fate when we are all seen as the same: lower class.

And this won't change until we stop wanting to be included in the clubs they've established to create division.

As long as we feel that what another person has is better than what we have: they win!

They become our overlords, able to create desire, class and caste systems to make one group appear to be better than another.

I was watching a special on aristocracy a while back and how they structured servant workers to within their homes.

If You Wear A Uniform, You're a Servant

Different types of uniforms were given depending on your duties. The Governess was given a certain rank and attire, Nannies were given a certain attire, kitchen maids another, personal assistant to the lady of the house wore another, and depending on your assigned duty, you were forbidden to talk to servants whose job description was beneath yours.


For instance, a Cook wouldn't eat at the same servant table as a Scullery Maid because she was lower rank, the one who scrubbed pots and kitchen floors and cleaned vegetables and watched the food on the stove.

But they were are servants!!

Status is An Illusion

The point I'm trying desperately to get you to understand is that status is an illusion. What makes you think that you are "higher" than others is the "uniform".

A job is servant work no matter how nice the suit is that they give you to wear.

It's the intrinsic value of you that needs to be nurtured so that it can flourish and fortify your soul.

Everybody is running a sale pitch on black people because they know we have a burning desire for their acceptance of us..

Jump ship!!

Be selective in who and what you give your emotions to. And for Christ Sake, start leaving this need to be validated for the feeble-minded folks to wrestle with..

You are better than anything this establishment promises to give you!

Get Up!


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