Tomi Larhen's Rant: We Cancelling BOYZZZ

Yoooooo lol, This "High Value" woman did a ten minute rant about being rejected by men and proposed to send out a check list to these men so that they know what they need to be and do before hitting up her DM's...

I want you to listen to her rant about being a high value woman and not a "Thotiana" who is intelligent, career minded and BEAUTIFUL along with ALLLLLLL her friends, but yet she still is having issues with getting a high value man????

I told y'all this "level Up" shyte was FUGAZI. I also told you that this thing called "Privilege" is also a farse.

ALLLLLLLLL women suffer rejection and manipulation at the hands of men. Why?


Let her tell you what sh'e going through right now and sit back knowing that you are already ahead of the curb.. BEAUTY IS NOT A VIRTUE, IT"S A TOOL!


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