Women Hurt Women

Studies have suggested that men are "in control" and suggest that they use violence and women have "lost control" not because they are using violence to get their way.

Women are predominantly passive-aggressive and use manipulation in the form of ostracisim and exclusion to tear down other women psychologically.

There is no end to a woman's verbal assault upon other women, and the notion that we are more inclined to bond with each other is a fact only for self assurance purposes not because its driven by love and a sense of sisterhood towards other women.


All over the internet, all I see are women concluding that toxic masculinity is their vice, but they never include the subversive objectification they experience from their own mothers, some of which have stated they regret giving birth to them.

Some of you are virtuous by default. You are moral only because you can't entice man into wanting to exploit you sexually.

Your spine is detachable and your strength depends on who thinks you look pretty today..

I'm an Ugly Girl, and because I am that I am, I've had the unfortunate privilege of a habitual ringside seat to witness the pretentiousness of both males and females..

You'd better let wanting to be accepted go and learn to accept WHO YOU ARE.. This is the only way to feel free. "The Ugly Girls Ambassador" ~Salkis Re Painting by Salkis Re

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