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The Dark Goddess Training is an essential part of tranformation for women who are of low social currency.

Your ability to charm, to be magnetic and unforgetable relies heavily on your ability to manipulate and control YOUR OWN EMOTIONS.


People believe what YOU believe.

You are selling them on an ideal,

on a philosophy or your worth from the moment you open your mouth. 


Your body language communicates fear or self doubt or self worth..

When you adopt the prinicples within this training module,

you will become more relaxed and in contrl of your thoughts,

your presentation and the energy that surrounds

you waiting for you to give it an assignment to carry out for you..


You are what you are, you are going to learn to accept it so that everybody you come in contact with accepts YOU too!


  • Learn to Use Your body to communicate self worth.
  • Learn to to channel energy from around you to strengthen your mental capabilities.
  • Learn how to arrest self doubt.
  • Learn how to talk and charm to negotiate NOT intimidate other..
  • Learn to accept your dark side by uncovering and facing what you have repressed..
  • Learn to ACT beautiful when you are not outwardly attractive..


 This is a one hour phone session on The Dark Goddess Principle Only


5 weeks long, 60 min sessions each week

follow-up email support  twice a week

 Coaching session via Zoom or telephone

Payment plans available*

Dark Goddess Training

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    Need a little try out before you commit to working my other intensive programs.


    Ok, let's do it!! 


    20 minutes and ask me anything so you can get insight quickly on a gnawing problem or just to see if we "Jell" with each other.


    This is a "taste test" session that promises to live up

    to the claim of igniting transformation within. 


    You'll get answer, and assignment or tough love

    depending on what you are telling me on the other end of the call.


    No one Session is the same because personalities are different,

    but if you are here, you know I am stealth and very cerebral in

    thinking so be ready to hear the solution and the truth!


    Do it!

    60 Minute Coaching Session


    Can you afford not to know what you need to do to recharge favor in the eyes of your man? 


    Can you afford to go through another year feeling that you don't look enough for the love you want?


    Can you afford to dredge through one more day of disempowerment and feeling like you are a victim , helpless and under the emotional instability of love?


    If you are reading this, then my guess is that your answer is finally: NO! 


    One hour, one on one with me will break the veil of lies,

    self sabotage and the old scripts you've been telling yourself for years.

    The time for you to change is now.


    So now its time to KNOW THE TRUTH those the eyes of a spiritual woman,


    one who has crossed the burning sands and gone through my own initiation into the GAME OF LIFE.

    You need to know how your decision affect you,

    how what you put up sets the stage for self sabotage and a future that is quite grim and lonely..


    Knowledge is Power!!


    My approach is relaxed, confidential and completely logical to understand and implement.


    Come get your hammer and let's get the breakthrough!:)


    ~Salkis Re

    8 Weeks Coaching Boot Camp


    Are you ready to get every right in your life?


    Are you tired of the empty promises and cure all claims from those snake oil salemen out there? I know I was. I tired it all. I tired to beat the system so that transformation wouldn't be so hard. And you are here because you thought


    like me. Just rub this on the feet when the New Moon hits and all will be well with your life. Wrong!


    It takes action to transform. Men understand this but us ladies want a gentler approach to transforming our lives. 


    So here it is, a no nonsense approach to getting you to the next phase of your personal growth. I will walk you through 3 levels of transformation Which include:


    Healthier( weight loss, loving exercise, balancing hormones)


    Social Currency( how to be more confident, how to read people, and dominate your surrounding so you're always the woman of intrigue and mystery)


    Self Aware- We will uncover ALL of your magic, every talent and skill set you have and didn't know you had, and put them to work to increase your money, creativity, self confidence, and your love life.


    I will take you through exercises that will train you to master your thoughts, desensitize yourself from criticism, shame and guilt,. You won't be afraid of rejection or be a sexual pawn for predatorand help you to embrace your gifts.


    Week 1: Health and Wellness 


    If you want a sharp mind and clear perception, then your health is extremely importance because what you eat and how you care for yourself on a daily basis.


    Week 2:

    Relationship Preparedness:

    You have to get your mind right in order to be prepared to share a life with someone. Your insecurities and self worth have to be noted and in check because you will be tested on your virtue, your self esteem, your morals, your character.

    Are you ready to be seen? Are you really ready to share?

     IF not, then you will be when I am finished with you!


    Week 3: Confidence Building

    How to Effectively Listen and Communicate 

    To get What You Want.

    When to Move forward in a casual relationship

    How to choose the right man for marriage or lifetime partnership.


    Week 4: Life Purpose:

    Life Purpose is what drives self esteem and self awareness.

    How to brand yourself so that you are not just a regular woman, but a woman with her own meaning for her life. 



    Week 5: Building Self Esteem:

    Self esteem and self image are two separate things.

    Week 6: Review and Application of everything You've learned


     Dealing with Past Traumas:

    Past Traumas play a role in giving us an identity, but its an identity filled with shame and guilt.

    Assertiveness Training: 

    Shows you how win the deal, get a higher raise or whatever you want that requires negotiation and selling your value to others..