This 2 hour audio course is THE Ultimate in hidden gems and untold secrest about the dating game and the mating game.

If you are ready to dymystify all the confusing content out there about how to be a high value woman, about how to get him to see you as exceptional and above other women and  what to say and what to avoid if you want him to see you as a prize, GET THIS AUDIO COURSE!

  It's only going to be at this introductory rate for a short time and ten it will go up after that..

I am tellling it all!!! 


You are UGC, and your way to seduction and making a great first impression has to go beyond wearing pastels colors and talk softly.. You want to keep the reject away, the scammers and the manipulators and the narcissists too.

This audio traning will show you how to do all of that and more!

"Rules Of The Game"

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