UGC! This is digital Mp3  file that you can download  and listen to while you work out or cook dinner or when you are relaxing for the evening. It is 2 hours worth of information on how

to conduct yourself as a wife OR a girlfriend in a long term relationship with a man.


Cooking and cleaning and talking softly are the usually quick fixes that wife school courses offer you. But what if I told you those things aren't what holds a marriage together? 

Are you a maid with his last name or are you a human being who's given him an opportunity to feel proud when he pleases you?
There are things you need to know to maintain passion and motivation in a relationship and cooking a hot meal doesn't work after a while.
In this 2 hour audio course, you will learn the fundamentals of playful manipulation of your man, how and when to use scarcity to your advantage. 
How to communicate with him to maintain your mystique and the perception of your sexual market value..
Your in this for the long hall as a wife or a common law wife or even a long term girlfriend, so information is POWER and your best friend, for you'll learn how to avoid storms and weather the ones already there.
Learn how to inspire compliance and emotional dependence in your man so that YOU can live a life of peace and joy with the man you chose.

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How to Preserve Your Sexy As A Wife! Mp3

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