Have you been wanting to start your own business but think it's too hard to do? 


Has covid given you the wake up call for just how unstable the job market is now, but you just don't know what else you can do besides your job?


Do you daydream about firing your boss and turning your passions into profit?


UGC, we are hosting a live workshop to FastTrack you towards financial independence with our first in a series of business workshops called:

Put The PURSE First! 

How to Start an online business in 24 hours!!


When you take this 3 hour live workshop you will learn how to set up a remote business the same day! 













Get resources for everything you'll need to set up a digital business within a few hours.


Learn exactly how you can monetize ANY skill or talent you have by exploring passive income options for your niche.


Don't know what your niche could be? Don't worry!

This workshop will open your mind to every possible income stream your hobby could make for you.


Put Your Purse First will teach you how to become a high value woman through creating passive income streams that will finance the lifestyle you've been waiting for men to bring you! 

Financial independence without trading your time for dollars is the only way to gain peace and real independence over your life.















Gone are the days of job security. 

And if you've dabbled in the dating market trying to strike gold in meeting an affluent man, you'll notice how competitive the dating market actually is and how Stingy and uncooperative men are when it comes to dating.

Start thinking about becoming a self made woman now!


Creating multiple streams of income is necessary now to avoid the being on a desperate hunt for a savior in men or any institution.


The Future is DIGITAL! So it's time to digitize what you know how to do.
*This easy to follow workshop is designed for both the complete beginner as well as those who've already set up an online business but want to see more growth.

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  • Learn how to identify your passion.

  • Learn why you need to monetize your passion right now! 

  • We will walk you through case studies of different businesses so you can see how easy it is to monetize it.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone UGC girl who's looking for passive income.

  • Any UGC girl who wants to quit the corporate plantation to become a full-time entrepreneur.

  • Any UGC girl desiring to become a digital nomad and make money while traveling the world.

  • Any UGC girl who wants more time with her children..

  • Any UGC girl looking for reliable income streams after retirement..


Financial Indepedence


The job market is changing and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is gradually taking over tasks that humans were required to do.


CryptoCurrency is not a trend that will eventually fade away; everything, money included, is going digital!


It's time for you to learn how the digital landscape can work for you so that you are prepared before the job market has a chance to make you obsolete! 





















It has never been easier to become a business owner than right now. 


You don't need to commute to work or waste money on power suits, or suffer through office politics and the pain of bidding for vacation time.


You can create more time when you own your time. 

Being a business owner is about being free to be who you are and having the money to be whatever you want to be!

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Invest In The Your Future

This 3 hour business startup workshop comes with a pdf  and the video file  presentation to add to your personal library of all resources. all for only $359


In this Live Worshop we will cover

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