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We Refuse To Be Defined By How We Look!


"Beauty is a Tool, Not A Virtue.."

~Salkis Re

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Services offered for Ugly Girls. Each program consists of one- one training with me. 

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Howdy Ladies! A little about me. I am introvert, an artist, poet, relationship expert, spiritual advisor and medicine woman on a mission to help every unconventional beauty find her light and life purpose in this world. I am a master Life Coach, and an intuitive guide here to help you navigate through the fluff and the filth that society has laid in your path.

Not being the typical beauty is not a sin nor does it have to be a set back when you develop knowledge of human nature and emotional intelligence.

I am here to teach you how to be a Puppet Master within a world that regrets you for how you look.. 

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The Ugly Girls Club


I love the ugly girls club because Salkis is very intelligent. Every time I listen to

a YouTube video or read one of her

books I am enlightened more and more. Beauty is all an illusion and vanity will be our demise.

~Alicia Milligan

"Salkis has helped me my value in a way no other person could. I realize now that  no woman is better than another no matter what she

looks like.."

Kimberly Marshall

"I can't tell you how much I related and thought you were reading my thoughts."

Omega Courtney

Salkis’ presence, wisdom, teachings and art have been a huge comfort
and inspiration. Her words constantly remind me to break free from the
illusion of being powerless by practicing self-love.

~Lady J


salkis re


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