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About Me

Salkis Re

A little about me.


I've been Spiritual Life coaching and consulting with women for 20 years.

I started my consulting services while still being an active

hair stylist and licensed cosmetologist, and over the years,

I've acquired other passions that have been incorporated into my healing work. 


I'm a working fine artist and an author as well,

using my creativity to build a body of work that inspires

marginalized women to think outside the conventional box of beauty.

The years of working to make women look beautiful

began to conflict with my spirit, for my philosophy early on

was that beauty could be used to fix low self worth. 

 Sadly, I observed how my clients never got better emotionally

because of new hair or a face full of makeup I created for them to wear.

Realizing that there was a dismantling of women's

mental wellness that beauty practices actually instigated and encouraged,

I retired from the beauty industry to focus solely on helping

women see their worth no matter what they looked like aesthetically.


 The Ugly Girls Club provides services to all women no

matter the race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, marital status or social standing.

 I provide support to women who are doctors,

lawyers, mothers, wives, single women, single mothers,

retirees and even those who work in mental health fields.


I'm an Ugly Girl. 


Marginalized and classified as unwanted, masculine, unlovable,

sexually promiscuous and even unhygienic ALL because of

the biases and classifications society places upon women,

especially women of color.

And it is because of this that I felt the need to create

a space where women are taught to see beauty as a tool,

not some virtue they owe to the world to earn the right to live..


My life has been filled with rejection, embarrassment,

guilt and shame concerning my looks, and this platform,

this organization that I've created as an outreach for

women to be better equipped to handle rejection

(that once crippled me emotionally) is the reckoning we didn't know we needed! 


I call it divesting from the need to meet the standards

of beauty especially if you know you'll never be able to meet it! 


I have developed a philosophy on beauty and

self worth that you can use as a foundation that will

support you throughout your entire life!! 

Join me! Let's Run!! 


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