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Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • UGC University

    Every month
    Course Material and Monthly Prerecorded Video Presentations
    • Instructional Video Content
    • Resource Material
    • Exclusive Blog Content
    • Pdf Downloads
  • 60Min Coaching Session

    For time sensitive guidance
    • Get real-time solutions for in your relationships ..
    • Decision making advice in real-time
  • Catacombs Group Coaching

    Every month
    Once a month group coaching sessions
    • 2 hour Private group sessions that meet 4 Sundays a month
    • Access to exclusive archived presentations
    • One on One question and answer sessions by Direct message .
    • Special Access to Patreon Live Workshops and Live Podcasts

Group coaching is a monthly subcription service to access new content and to inteact realtime in live chats and forums..

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