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Stop Struggling

Life doesn't have to be a struggle for us as UGC girls when we know how to be savvy, resilient, brave, inventive, curious, feminine, charming and creative.

Available Services

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

I’ve put together a collection of past and present presentations, both in video and written format so you’ll have access to digital downloads, resources and archived content that will help you on your journey to becoming a WANTED woman both professionally and romantically.

Available Services

No More Pandering!

What has happened to us is a dumbing down of our abilities and our foresight, for society needs willing minions to reinforce class, status and standards of beauty.

Without UGC girls, how would the pretty girls quantify their value?

Available Services

Mind Control

You will be well versed in the psychological aspects of human nature, in particular, the nature of women, so that you finally get the missing piece of the mind f*(ing going on around you.

Available Services

Boost Self Confidence

Life gets sweeter when we understand the type of game we are playing.

I say go rogue!

Forget about identity politics and having to burden yourself with upholding the morality of society!

Available Services

More Attractive

You will feel lighter, more in control of your emotions, with an increased zest for life. Learn how and why you need to develop your own style of dress and thinking in order to stand out from underneath the shadows of conventionally pretty women.


All you have to do is devote a few pennies a day towards learning the game that will last you a lifetime! 

Let’s go!

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