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A Lie is a Lie

The problem with adults is we've developed this thing called "context" to sell reasoning for things we so not see.

If someone insults you because he was bullied as a kid, does that mean he hasn't really insult you?

Children don't process their world this way.

If you lie, then you're a liar not someone taking out their pent up energy from being beat up on at monkey bars in their past.

It's real cut and dry if someone pits their hands on your child or steals your last 20 bucks.. You are not going to looking for context, you'll be looking for revenge.


I'm not interested in intricate interpretations and the symbolism behind what you can't straight up say.

It's smoke and mirrors and taking one for a ride to make them think they moved an inch when they haven't.

Simplify this shyte called life and everything and everyone in it. Have the mind of a child who hasn't learned to accept insinuations, innuendos,context and any other colorful ways to conceal motive and intent..

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador" ~Salkis Re

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