Are You A Slave To Reality?

I have said this before and I will say it again: The World IS A Stage!

While we are told to hold off until we become better, more skilled, thinner, fitter or smarter, other people are shapeshifting as they see fit to serve their purpose, reinforce their social positioning or to gather up more coins etc..

And while they shift to suit their goals, they create fear in us for aspiring for more. They shame us for thinking that we could actually rebrand ourselves.

They sell eternal damnation to us for past mistakes or transgressions while they turn the page on their lives to suit their new focus.

UGC< you are transient being.

By transient, I mean that you are constantly changing whether voluntarily or not.

What you were at 20, what you thought was right, what you thought your needed to have or needed to be is not the same now as it was back then.

This means that switching lanes is gonna happen by neccessity or default.

This also means that you have a RIGHT to be deliberate in changing what who you are as well.

ANNNNNNDDD.... this also means that staying stuck in a certain script or standard is a sign of lack of depth perception and signs of lack of growth and fear.


You need to decide what you need to change about yourself to reach a goal. And you need to ditch any shame around trying to change too. I have coached many women who are hesistant about change because they are fearful of looking like a frad to the people they know.

So they stay stuck in a script that isn't working to maintain the appearance of authenticity.

UGC, theres no point in holding on to things that have lost their usefulness and this includes your self image.

People will buck if you want to be called by a different name. They will say that you are being stupid and crazy for wanting to called by a new name and none of their critcism can sustain value or power if you stop answering to your old name.

You prep others into acclimating themselves to the new you by not answer ing old you questions, by not responding in the old your ways, by showing total abandonment of the old you so that they know that you will be unresponsive to a call to respond to your old ways.

The dude who pumped and dumped you was on his marketing/ rebranding campaign .

The girlfriend who acts shitty to you when other men are around is on her marketing/rebranding campaign.

The manager who promotes a brown-noser at your job is on her marketing/rebranding campaign.

The chic who stares you down while talkign to her girlfriends about you is on her marketing/rebranding campaign.

People are out here protecting their negative emotions by rebranding them to fit a new purpose or distraction.

And you need to embrace the same formula for what you want or need to become to get what you want.


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