Are You Stress Out About Being Good?

Im asking this question to those of us who are feeling pressure to exceptional in the eyes of our peers r those we are attracted to.

Listen, I'm gonna be straight up with you all as always and say this: we are lied to about everything. People offer flattery, praise and will claim that you represent a high standard in their eyes.

Men will make you assume that you are a trophy or a status symbol because of your beauty, but most of that is blowing smoke up your ass!!

The problem is that we believe what looks good or feels good. We don't question motive when the person says something we'd like to hear.

And a compliment brings the burden of continuously measuring up to the praise that the compliment gives. before long, you are on a loop that you can't escape from between praise and feeling the need to earn more praise.

Think about what it takes to be exceptional and ask yourself if joy resides within that?

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