Are You Truly Innocent?

It's going to take a few more heartbreaks, a few more betrayals, a few more boyfriends, a few more pump and dumps, a few more pregnancy scares and little more time to realize that the steps for survival and/or acquisition for Ugly Women will never be the same remedy as what's digested by women who think they are inherently better than you because of the way they look.

You'll have to admit some rather embarrassing things about how you feel about you.

You'll have to face your self loathe head on.

You'll have to admit that most of the wrong that's been done to you was because you were complicit and actually assisted people to betray you.

Felonious Tears

Are your tears a representation of your innocence? Hardly. Your tears represent your FEAR of standing up for yourself. And your compliance is spearheaded by your fear of rejection. And to you, abuse (as unpleasant as it is) is a method of acknowledgement and attention.

A man's touch, no matter how uncaring, means that you are in a position to give him something that he needs, and athough he's insensitive and abusive, to deliver his sexual requests makes you feel useful in an adulterated way.

Self honesty will help you in releasing anxiety and fear because it will subdue your level of shame.

Shame weakens the body and mind.

How do you feel about you?

Be honest....

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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