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Asian Doll Exposed?

UGC, what have I said over and over and over again?

That you have NO allies!

And I say this to you so that you don't look to befriend or prematurely trust others who appear to or express to have the same struggles as you.

Most of you really do not have a clue about how deep female aggression goes, her proclivities to violence against other women, the venom of jealousy has destroyed many women's lives.

Dark skin women must train themselves to be emotionally self reliant, to not exploit their pain for friendship, and to realise that everybody is in on the joke including those who've been been wounded in the battle with society as well.

Some say this comment is old, others say that Asian Doll has addressed and apologized for her immature comments, others say that this tweet isn't even hers.

And NONE of those have anything to do with my reason for posting this.

I want you all to know that victims hurt people too.

I want darkskin women to know that your darkskin sisters are rating your features and you weight to see "how" they can rank themselves as better than you.

I don't want you to have a dog in this fight because you really don't know who your opponent/enemy is.


Because it's EVERYBODY depending on how they feel, what they want or how intimidated they feel because of you.


"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

Gone on an get the Patreon app and join us there to get the TEA on society and these birds out here pretending to be your friend and support system. I AM LEARNING from This Coalition, so you need to come on in!


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