Azealia Banks Shaves Her Head

So I saw the footage of Azealia banks shaving off her head the other day supposedly because of a bad energy and a bad break up and I want to say this: TOTALLY DOES NOT HELP!!!

Why do women do this to get rid of bad energy????

The logic here is that cutting off a part of your body can renew you when energy doesn't work like that.

You would need a lobotomy as well as a soul transfer into another body for any of that to truly make difference.

Bad relationships happen and the it's understandable that you'd want to get rid of any memory of what happened within them, but if you are not cutting out your vagina as well as as your mouth (both of which hold as much energy as your hair) it is just a form of self mutilation at the end of the day..

You can do all the smoke baths, all the yoni steams, all the cutting and douching and sweating and even offer up your first born to a shaman and NONE of that will help you..

Better to fast from food and set intentions, reflect and pray to reboot yourself because unless you are cutting off your whole body, a bald head won't make any difference.

The body takes 7 years to totally regenerate on a cellular level, this means every 7 years you will restructure yourself and become a "new" person...

A break up is only the first step to reconfiguration and now you need time to heal from the trauma of the breakup along with any trauma you suffered through the duration of the relationship...

Healing is relative too..

To heal is to accept and to take responsibility.

To heal is to move on and learn from your experiences.....

A good hair washing can make you feel 'clean' symbolically as well as emotionally...

SO just wash your hair instead....


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