Black Women Are Full Of Shyte!!

So a lot of negative feedback was given about theis recent vogue magazine cover because many black women felt that the models did not look as attractive as they should have because the skin was darkend. Some even went as far as to accuse Vogue of lowkey doing "Black Face" reminiscent of racist minstrel shows of the late 1800's.

I told UGC to stay out of these colorism debates because women are too biased, too fair-weather friendly when it comes to the issue of complexion.

Why would making a black woman's skin darker be seen as a INSULT?? Why would darkening an already dark melinated back woman be seen as racist to OTHEr black women?


Meanwhile, when it's done on men, it's celebrated as "Art" and paying homage to uniqueness and what the first human man must of looked like.

You know, women are generally full of shyte. I don't listen to them complain about this so-called Blackface Vogue editorial shoot.


It's a novelty on men but an insult on women.

Black lives matter my ass crack!

How are we gonna be up in arms about a shade that EXISTS amongst us??

I wish somebody would have me tryina believe y'alls outrage. YOU are the racists.

It's YOU who is offended by being associated with a dark skin woman.

I don't read Vogue and I don't consider being on the cover of their magazine any sort of win for us, but the reaction to the cover just confirms the points Im constantly making about us having no idea who our enemies truly are.

You better get mentally sharp quickly UGC. The time for belief in other's outrage has truy expired because their outrage NEVER includes defense of you, EVER!!

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