Blaming Other Women

Saw a Twitter meme today about Kloe Kardashian thinking she was better than black women and I had to take a pause.

I was trying to recollect where she's ever made a derogatory statement, been condescending, or did anything to display elitism and this "I'm better than you" thing that black women talk about.

All her boyfriends that I can remember have been black men, so she has a preference surely, but what part of her life shows that she's pulling rank on black women specifically.

If anything, I think the men who she has dated have done that to black women.

But again UGC, I have expressed the unpopular opinion about the treachery and passive aggressiveness of women on my platform for ages now.

I have told you all that women will blame other women for the evil that men do because that is the way we display hatred, fear in violence towards one another.

A woman's weapon of choice is to assassinate another woman's character, to bring speculation upon her morality and reputation, to pull rank based on physical characteristics.

Women are constantly policing the value of other women and adjust their empathy and support based on how threatened they feel about her looks.

Kloe has been publicly humiliated by the choices made by the men she chose to love. Her track record surely is a cautionary tale within itself.

But in typical fashion, women overlook the transgressions of men because of our phukking jealousy of other women.

The whole misogyny argument is a phukking joke that's only an intellectual trigger word to spark debates and conversations over alcoholic beverages because in real life, those same women will phuk, marry and have babies with these men they secretly wish to be like.

Don't fall for the fake outrage UGC. Those same women want a child support checks from emotionally abusive dudes that can't keep his herp dik in his pants either.

When you all understand that women only pretend to have solidarity for the benefit of "looking" like a good person instead of actually being one, you'll stop your naivete and high-fiving shyte like this which is an example of hidden feelings of inadequacy and frustration over being lower in social status both by society's standards and her own..


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