Cardi B Wins, Tasha K Gotta Pay!!

Soo UGC, I could not ignore the headlines about this Cardi B's lawsuit against popular Youtube blogger Tasha K for deflamation and liable . Tasha K has been trolling cardi B for a few years now, and admitted in court that she lied about Cardi std-sti status amongst other things..

Gossip Bloggers are going to have to really fact check and start acting like real journalists moving forward to avoid being sued. During the trial , Cardi took the stand and stated that she was suicidal over the the lies Tasha spread on her channel about her and sought therapy from the overwhelming stress and embarassment this caused her.

I have warned UGC about gossip and how it can suck you into an alternate reality for the purpose of forgetting your own misery. Gossip is a sister to jealousy and the preocupation with it actually increases stress levels within your own body.

Im right there with you all, wanting to keep my ear to the streets for an exciting distraction, but I understand that ingesting gossip comes at a price. I am always harping on the suggestion for UGC to put a limit on what you decide to be concerned about.

We know more than we need to know about people because of social media. We are saturated with other people's concerns, fears, problems, medical issues, mental issues, and this gives the mind a lot more information to purge out.

Im waiting to see if You Tube takes adds more regulations for content creators because of this lawsuit and it will be interesting to see how Tasha rebrands herself after losing this lawsuit as well.

What I will say is that Tasha K couldn't pay for the amount of publicity she is getting right now. her name is trend EVERYWHERE at the moment and I assume that she is generating hella coinage for click views of her channel.

We are addicted to watching violence, to hearing tragedy and what we fear is more exciting than what we love..

This is the irony of being an engineered human being..

I am honing in the point of remaining human though. Don't let the media turn you into an uncaring cyborg addicted to seeing other's suffering..

Peace and Love..

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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