Choosing With a Purpose

Men are fixated with launching shaming tactics to subdue our ambitions.

They foam at the mouth arguing about how materialistic driven we are and want to sell this absurd notion that they are the only sex capable of loving someone for who they are.


From the concrete sidewalks to the one house towns, all I ever see are men who are driven by specific needs and wants and seek those out whether they love you or not and whether they deserve what they are asking for or not.

Y'all, I spend a lot of time communicating to you about the fallacy of the society we live in, about how pretty much every we see as reality is carefully orchestrated to create a belief system of mental control.

You want financial stability? Cool!

He wants you to have a bigger ass!


Which one isn't "materialistic?

I'll wait!

The bottom, top and middle line of all of this is that anyone who says that you can't have a simply doesn't want to give it to you, and they should immediately be disqualified as a reliable source for advice or a truthful assessment of your potential.

GET What You Want!!

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

P.S. If need some private one on one coaching, please contact me and let me help you bounce back!

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