Don't Share Your God With Him!

Black women mess up when we start requiring a man to connect with us spiritually.

He is not buying you dinner and gifts and listening to you whine about work because he's looking for a prayer partner.

He wants to dig in your cervix and nut in your mouth, and hopefully he enjoys it enough to sacrifice and provide tangible things for you.

I have told you over and over and OVER again that your morality is FOR YOU!

The morality you experience within a relationship with a man is the morality YOU bring to the table.

Your spiritual practice should be in solitude like witches do.

Your rituals and your prayers should be kept between you and whomever or whatever you pray to.

Spiritual privacy gives you power and mystique and self confidence.


Equally yoked is a term only lonely black women say.

There's no such thing as equally yoked!

Even if you make comparable money to him, someone is this going to be in a position of dominance within the relationship!

He doesn't need to believe in the same spirits that you do: he needs to protect you, pay bills and keep stress away from you so that you can kneel to your God with thank-you's for what you've received instead of begging for help...

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re


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