Dr.Dre Karma?

Some women are high-fiving each other over Dr. DRE conceding to give his estranged wife an advance of 2 million dollars in the divorce settlement.

This revelation comes right after he suffered a brain aneurysm this week..

They say that this is his karma for physically abusing the women in his past.. Maybe it is...

But I personally do not view this as his karma, I view this as a shift in his VALUES.

Maybe fighting to keep all of his money is now not as important as his health. Health scares put things in order real fast. You become aware of how much of what you were doing was for the approval from other people.

You come to terms with the illusion you've created and how much it really NEVER mattered to you.

He hurt women,we all know this. But now through his body failing him, he has to face his mortality and vulnerability. The facade is now gone. Friends are few. And the money you love don't love you.

We all have to face who we've created for others to be agreeable with. Authenticity is worth its weight in gold.

Is your value system congruent with your state of being right now?

Your values are showing results within your life right now.

What are your highest values? Start asking yourself this and become acutely aware of what they are so that you can be in alignment with it!


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