Dream Big!

UGC, we all believe in magic.

Why do I say this?

Because we all believe in:

things we can't prove,

things we can't see,

things people say,

and things we've been told to believe.

Take inventory of your beliefs system and how much of that evolves around things you cannot provide tangible proof of and you will realise rather quickly that you are consumer of magic.

Some of you claim to be practictioners of the occult. You buy to witchcraft starter kits and go through secret initiations for money spells with practictioners who can't show you their face because they might get fired by their employers.


The hag has a lot of appeal because the hag is autonomous, but she is still a hag and in the back of your mind you're saying " What's The Point of Being Free if You Look Grotesque and Old!?".

Isn't it funny how in our world, a fully actualized, determined, self governing woman is seen as a freak of nature, a rouge, unreasonable, a cat lady or a disagreeable bitch incapable loving or being loved.

We've all been indoctrinated with the idea of what beauty means. We have all been sold on the idea of beauty as a virtue bestowed upon those lucky women who God has high favor for. Beauty saves lives. Beauty redeems the immoral and saves the helpless from impending doom.

And so, here you are, a full grown adult female who still believes in fairytales of Beauty and Prince Charming and God.

Have you asked yourself what you would do, what you would strive for if you didn't have a predetermined opinion about what the outcome would be?

What would you try to accomplish if you were never intorduced to Cinderella or read The Book of Revelations?

What would you reach for if you decided not to believe the opnions of your mother?

Would you hestitate like you do now, worrying about what others might say about your ambitions? Or would you go after that thing you want to have or be without remorse, without worrying about provocations from family or friends...

If you are not doing what you want to do, you are simpy under a magic spell of sorts. And magic at it's core is driven by focused belief. You have focused on what you are afraid of for your entire life, and that is why you have the results that you have at present. Your life, her life and my life is nothing more than a sum total of what we believe.

Will you give yourself permissin to undo what you believe so that you have room for new thoughts, new ideas, new possibilites?

It takes work to dim the light on mental ramblings, but it's not impossible.

Think of it this way, what would you have no choice but to focus on if you were on an deserted island with no grocery stores or shopping malls?

You would need to make hunting for food and sewing your own garments your religion.

Diamonds or chocolate cake after dinner or a Herme`s Berkin Bag wouldn't mean shyte to you in that environment. And the fact that they mean anything in your current environment is only because the collective society recognizes and acknowleges those objects as meaningful and you decided to accept those ideas to fit in..

So visualize wiping your mind clean of all that you believe and force yourself into 'start over' mode where you have the power to create new commandments for your survival regimen.


'The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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