Enemies All Around Us

I talk about how little support we get as UGC women, not to offer discouragement but to offer you are different perspective on your POWER. You are surviving within a den of snakes.. You are still able to feed yourself and function in spite of the vail attempts to bring you torment and anguish.

You are an enchantress who hasn't tapped into her magic because it's been beaten out of you. All your life, you've been told that what you want doesn't matter, that your thought, you ideas and feelings are inconsequential. And as a result, you've suppressed your autonomy to (ironically) hope for the best in people.

UGC, we have to approach life and people in a more relaxed way. You must accept that people are capable of ANYTHING because they've already shown you that they are!!

Being surprised by the behaviors or the hidden intentions of others is simply juvenile .

An ugly woman should expect the lies to come FIRST. And ugly woman should prep for deception and theatrical displays of concern ONLY IN THE FORM OF FLATTERY.

And you should smile as people perform their fake status and fake self esteem for you..

You are not under the veil of delusion like the greta beauties of this world.. You know what the human being really is..

Stand in the power of TRUTH!!!

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