Everybody's Selling You Something

I coach phenomenal women who are unsure of their worth. When I ask why, they'll usually say "Well my parents.." or "This man who I loved...." or "They told me I couldn't.."

There is never a legitimate reason for their negative self image.

Their feelings always stemmed from a perception of failing or not measuring up to the expectations of other people.

What a disrespect to personal nature of one's own life.

When we care more for the approval of others than our own fulfillment, it blocks us from doing or being or having what we want.

And I here to tell you [from experience] nobody's cosign holds that much significance or value. Approval is not a cognitive measure of right action.

The approval you get simply makes you "Feel" good, but feelings should never be used in the process of cognition.

Do not use praise or your feelings to make decisions about your life; Use KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE, for these hold truth and lead to accuracy and will reward you with outcomes you intended to have..

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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