Fake-Ass Unattractive Women!

You think I don't know that some of you are only here cause you're a nosey bird trying to keep tabs on what's going on here so you have something to gossip about?

You think I don't know that many of you are ashamed to even be apart of this coalition.

If I called this "The Unconventionally Attractive Girls Club" you'd name drop my channel with the same consistency that some of yall promote other channels on my page!

Women support what makes them look good.

Women believe women who are attractive.

Women get along with women who look like them.

Women want to hear from women they are jealous of.

Women support women they are competeing with..


If it quacks, call it a DUCK!!

The healing that (some) of us are trying to get to requires that we face our demons, our contrivities, our biases and our self sabotoging ways .


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