Fear Of Never Finding Love

https://youtu.be/0T7NGsGdJMISomeone asked me to talk about fear of never finding love. My answer to this is that fear of never finding it and thinking that love is something that it really isn't is what creates the hellish anquish so many of us are experiencing.

When I listen to the advice that men give other men about relationships, I don't really hear too much talk about love.

What I hear them tell each other is to get more money, go to the gym, stop yanking their dicks and then they will be in a position to get high quality (attractive women).


The equally yoked thing or the soulmate thing or the love of your life thing just isn't said by men to other men.

Men take the pragmatic approach to relationships while women fantasize and idealize relationships as something that will not be about an exchange of value.

What men say to other men is to make sure the girl isn't using him for his money, but that makes no sense if these men feel they need more money to get the type of women they want.

So my answer to "Fear of Finding Love" is that women should never think that what men say they want is what they actually desire.


In my coaching, I teach women that desire itself is taboo.

Desire is hardly ever percieved by the individual as normal or moral, especially in the sexual sense.

Even ambitions for more money is a bit embarrassing for most of us to talk about because we are scared of being judged as materialistic, shallow or prone to prostitute ourselves to reach a bottom line.

The truth is that the people who are best for long term relationships goals are usually the ones we are not attracted too. The ones who are willing, compliant and agreeable are seen as fools for wanting us.

We think that there's got to be something wrong with them if they want us.


So the not finding love thing goes right back to how we view our own worth and our warped interpretation of value.

I have said this before and will say it again: we think we are better than what we actually are. And it's because we judge ourselves with MUCH LESS objectiveness, that we miss opportunities that come our way in the form of long-lasting relationships.

The fat girls what men you aren't fat.

The dark skin girl wants lightskin men in hopes of increasing the likelihood of having lighter,cuter kids.

The simple-minded girl is looking for the streetsmart guy to 'teach her about the world".

And so we spin round and round, going nowhere fast because we can't self assess accurately.

We are too preoccupied with fairytales, and we need to grow up.

Love is conditional.

If it weren't, men wouldn't feel the need to acquire money and status to gain what they consider higher quality options.

So what what does that say about finding love? That it is about strategy, not emotions. When you take your emotions out of the selection process you will be better euipped to see what is best for you, until then, you will keep searching for what you don't even feel deserving of..

I also think that its best to stop listening to women who advising you to do drastci changes in your appearance or behavior as well. These level up channels have caused more anxiety and fear among women than they have helped.

If you are uncomfortable with who you are, dressing better will not help you.


Because you are uncomfortable with who you are because can't be like other women!

Women will have to running in circles trying to mimic and duplicate fashion, character, temperament and tastes of other women so be very careful with that.

There's a BEST in ANY catergory of style

Sift through your beliefs, what you've been told all your life about relationships and face what you are honestly ready for and what you think you deserve.

We never get anything beyond what wefeel we deserve....

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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