Handling Criticisms

Nobody is abligated to accept us. Although we live in a PC culture with people more sensitive to naming calling than ever before, it does us NO JUSTICE to entertain campaigns that condemn the biases and opinions of other people.

Don't beg for inclusion

Even here at the UGC, we are not preoccupied with changing the standard of beauty or having strategy sessions on how to change the minds of people who condemn us for not being attractive.

Being Oblivious is Ineffective

We are about self healing and learning the art of thinking independently so that when the critics come (and they will) we can bounce back quickly from the habit of assuming that their presumptions about us are true.

It's always better to know how people feel than to waste time trying to shame them out of how they feel.

It's a mute point to attempt to reform people. It would take a lifetime to do and you'll need become a priest who can perform exorcisms and have a Hollywood film budget at your disposal to make a dent in the programming of the masses.

So what doable here? Changing YOU!

Changing how you present or interpret your own value, is a doable cause to undertake because you can train yourself to reduce or eliminate your own emotional triggers.

Movement is Therapy

Give yourself 21 seconds to feel f'd up about a comment and then get on the ground and do 21 sit ups to expend the pent up pressure from the frustration that builds.

Breath work and body movements offer instant therapeutic benefits. Exertions removes tension and builds confidence.

Don't reach for the alcohol or the white chocolate chip cookies.

Don't reach for the phone to call a "Fuk Buddy" who you know doesn'teven like you!

Don't go on social media to vent your emotional rant about being depressed because someone dissed you.

Work it out by moving your body, writing a song, bathing in the ocean, baking zucchini bread, offer assistance to someone who needs help or go for a run with your dog.

Learn to project instead of being the typical woman who introjects the opinions of other people.

Move your frustration around; give it a purpose instead of internalizing it.

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

Looking for inspiration, support and wisdom to overcome your insecurities over how you look?

Start by getting this e-book "How Not To Give a Fuk!"

Learn how to manage your own negative self talk as well as how to interpret or respond to negativity and biases of society so that you can live without concern about the opinions of other people.

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