He Is Not Attracted to You?

SO I was in the analytics of my own youtube channel yesterday looking at what my viewers watch from other channels and a video of Tobe and Fat came up discussing the comments he made in a recent couples interview.

He basically stated that he was not attracted to his wife, that she was not his type but she persisted and she grew on him.

Fast forward today and they have a thriving music career together and 5 children.

I don’t know these people, but I will address what he had to say. He said he didn’t want her and that he was looking for other women (his type) but he settled for her.

I'm hearing that he was broke at the time they were dating each other as well…

So look UGC, there's no such thing as SETTLING when you choose to be with someone.

You can’t say that you had better options but didn’t choose them because if you didm you would have went for it!! I'm so tired of these men making claims that hey have the world at their feet but had pity on you so they decided to give you an audition!

WITH her, he has some status, some desirability, he looks like he has value BECAUSE of her love for him! Don’t give that word “settling” a second thought at all! It's virtue signaling and a campaign to make others think you are in demand when you aren’t… PERIOD!!!! DID YOU GET YOUR UGC TEE SHIRT YET??


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