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Her Snatch Ain't Worth 20k???

So this is the woman rapper,"Lil Baby", cheated on his girlfriend with. From what I read, she is a porn star and he gave her $20,000 for the pleasure of having intercourse with her. What a lot of women are unruffled about is why he would give a woman like "her" 20 racks to trick off because they feel she is unattractive.

Could it be jealousy? Perhaps... But I'm giggling at it from an ugly girls perspective here.

Some women are claiming that she is a man, and as a woman who's been mistaken for man on several occasions, I know the basis of the bias surrounding that too.

These are the same women who tell me that every woman is a child of God,

that every woman is beautiful in our own way, and that I'm promoting self depreciation by naming my coalition The Ugly Girls Club.

These are the same women who claim to be unbiased and incapable of rating other women unattractive because "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

If I same the Ugly, these same women will ask "By who's standards are you rating yourself?"

And to answer that question, I would simply say: YOURS!

Now I don't have a dog in this race nor a monkey in the circus towards an advocacy of porn nor selling sex for cash, this is simply an observation of the hypocrisy and fake-ass support we will ALWAYS get from other women for the matters of who SHOULD feel worthlessness and who SHOULD consider themselves beautiful.

Women who think/feel/know they are beautiful are not more empathetic than men, but since they've also been displaced by the traumatic experience of being sexually exploited and emotionally manipulated by the hands of men, they can hide their biases within a condition-based solidarity towards you.

And let me tell yuh, that conditional support get from them is often because they're drunk and lonely (This Month)..

Self awareness is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Being able to think independently, without being interrupted by the scripts that other women read from will allow you to enjoy your life AND get the things you need.

Being a loser is a choice! And you stop feeling like a loser by giving yourself permission to become emotionally intelligent! THAT is what women actually HATE to see in other women!

GET UP!! "The Ugly Girls Ambassador" ~Salkis Re ***************** If you want a deeper understanding of the mindset that you need to truly get into the "Level Up" game, then get our book "How to Be A High Value Woman".

You will learn the psychological skills to Ditch your anxiety and fear surrounding your desires which in turn will open up the energetic pathways to seize opportunities.

Never again feel diminished around anyone who is upper-class or more beautiful than you. Become a woman who can "market" her worth deeper than the surface bait of pastel colored clothing and wigs. True level up info for the Ugly Girl! Get in here!

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